Our Mission

Building an agile and scalable team is key to achieving sustainable growth in today’s global business environment. Here at Cordatus it is our mission to bring top-quality offshore professionals to clients who need to build flexible, cost-effective fulfillment teams to help grow their businesses.

When you work with Cordatus you get best-in-class outsourcing services.

Simply stated, we are a different kind of BPO. We work in your time zone as an extension of your team. We carefully map out every process we support with cutting-edge technology. We track every staffer’s time and activity down to the minute, and deliver all services in an internationally accredited, secure data ecosystem.

Let’s build the outsourced team that your business needs to succeed.

Advanced BPO solutions for modern business


Does your firm want to focus its key staff on high-level advisory while still offering a full suite of accounting services? Cordatus supports accounting firms with talented accountants and tax prep experts.

Property Managers

Is your team spending more time on clerical work than managing properties? A dedicated team of accounting and admin professionals can help streamline your back-office operations and reduce costs.

Hotel Managers

Does your hotel chain need a better way to manage accounting, reservations, or guest communication? Directly reduce operating costs and gain the seasonal flexibility needed for maximizing profitability.


Does your restaurant chain struggle to staff its accounting department? Does turnover on your transactional staff keep you from improving your process? Let Cordatus build a custom team of accounting professionals to help you streamline your operations

Call Centers

Whether you need a few agents for overnight customer service or a full-time technical support team, Cordatus is ready to help. Trying to improve sales? Our outbound sales teams can help you improve revenue while containing labor costs.

Want to build a custom team?

We can leverage our expansive network of offshore talent to bring you experts in almost any discipline.

Working globally is simple with Cordatus

Our consultants take the time to understand your business and your goals. From there we leverage our global talent networks to provide you with top talent at incredible rates.

Staff Up, Reduce Costs, Improve Outcomes


Labor shortages are a thing of the past when you partner with Cordatus. We have a deep bench of staffers available on direct contract or as part of an outsourcing team – 24/7/365


By leveraging a global talent pool we save our clients up to 60% on hourly rates. And the best part? Our staffers are experts in their fields, which brings our clients incredible value!


Thanks to our network of recruiting partners around the globe, working with Cordatus means you can access talent from a variety of world markets – offshore or nearshore

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Whether it’s one position, or a custom team, offshore hiring has never been easier!

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