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Global labor arbitrage is able to provide significant benefits without sacrificing quality if you partner with the right management firm. Benefits include, but are not limited to, major financial savings because of international labor rates and favorable currency exchange rates. Cost savings due to economies of scale, as well as speed to market can make or break a business model.

Partnering with the right versus the wrong international Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO), Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO), Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO), Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), and Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) will determine success or failure.

Cordatus’ mission is to bring a new level of service and sophistication to the international outsourcing industry. We provide top industry professionals, cutting-edge business technology, and detailed process management.

For growing companies struggling to keep up with the labor requirements of their accounting department, Cordatus Resource Group builds <<seo term>> teams to support their operations.

Whether your business needs a large team of A/P clerks to support the payables process, or a focused team of senior accountants to support month-end close, Cordatus has the resources and experience to deliver.

Cordatus is a different kind of back-office support (BPO). Our mission is to bring unmatched expertise and service to the world of <<seo term>>.

Our accounting staff, from bookkeepers to controllers, are trained in a wide array of accounting platforms and industry-specific accounting procedures.

Each client team is hand-picked to meet the specific requirements, working hours, and culture of the client they serve for their <<seo term>> needs.

How We Can Help

By following a detailed mapping procedure for every <<seo term>> client, every process, every time, the team at Cordatus can support almost any accounting process your business is struggling to manage. Some of the ways we help most often include:

Every growing business requires precise, reliable <<seo term>> to continue to scale.

If your company is struggling to build the team it needs, Cordatus Resource Group is here to help. With Cordatus, you gain access to world-class accountants at globally competitive rates.


In today’s tech-driven accounting processes, adapting effectively to new tools is not an option but a necessity. Our detailed process mapping and documentation procedures allow us to work effectively on any technology platform.

In addition to <<seo term>>, Cordatus is also able to help with your outsourced finance, administration, and customer service. Contact us now for your <<seo term>> consultation.

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