Offshore Support for Property Management Firms

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Outsourced Property Management Services

Property Management firms face many operational challenges.

High administrative burdens and tight margins make operating a profitable property management firm difficult. Add to that the challenge of finding – and retaining – quality back-office personnel. To run lean, many firms put back-office responsibilities on their PMs, but that only inhibits their growth.

That’s where Cordatus Resource Group can help.

  • We build experienced fulfillment teams to handle a wide array of back-office property management work – residential, commercial, and associations.
  • With expertise in the nuances of property management, PM firms can offload the routine, time-consuming work, allowing their internal teams to add value where it matters most.

Accounting Business Process Outsourcing

When your firm needs to scale its accounting operations, you can trust the specialists at Cordatus to help. We build custom teams of accountants familiar with the nuances of the property management industry. We are proficient in all the top property management accounting apps, and ready to help you scale your business.Some examples of accounting functions we perform for property managers include:

Payables Processing

  • Utilities, Inspections
  • Closing Costs
  • Capital Investments
  • Prepaid HOA fees
  • Prepaid Insurance

Receivables Processing

  • Utilities, Inspections
  • Closing Costs
  • Capital Investments
  • Prepaid HOA fees
  • Prepaid Insurance


  • Rent Rolls
  • TTM Reports

General Accounting

  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Tax Accruals
  • Lease Abstraction / Account Setup

Utility Services

Managing utilities is one of the most time-consuming tasks facing property managers. Depending on the utility provider, and the size of your portfolio, establishing and modifying utility accounts can take hundreds of hours each month.

When you outsource your utility processing to Cordatus, you not only free up your in-house team for higher value tasks; you also get unparalleled response time and visibility into each property’s utility status with custom dashboards designed for your business. Cordatus offers industry-leading rates on all utility processing functions, including:

  • Connections/Disconnections
  • Payment Responsibility Transfers
  • Landlord Agreement Setup
  • Payment Processing

Property Services

If your team is struggling to keep up with the work required to process and market your properties, Cordatus is here to help. We have experienced associates ready to support a wide variety of administrative tasks:

  • Property Onboarding
    • Adding owners
    • Adding properties
  • Property Marketing
    • MLS Listing Support
    • Scheduling Showings
    • Lockbox Administration
  • Property Offboarding
    • Removing Tenants
    • Reassigning Utilities

Tenant Services

Servicing tenants, from application to move-out, can take countless hours. If you are trying to grow your property business, the additional work required to manage tenants can take valuable time away from your team. Cordatus has experience in many aspects of tenant services, including:

  • Lease Application Processing
    • Income Verifications
    • Reference Checks
    • Lease Countersigning
  • Recordkeeping
    • Adding/Removing tenants


Our teams have experience in many of the most popular property management apps on the market. And if we don’t? Our detailed process mapping and documentation procedures allow us to train in new staff on nearly any technology platform, quickly and effectively.

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